Wednesday, July 24, 2013

This is why it looks like our Living Room exploded.

If you walked into our living room right now, you would first think, "Wow, this place is pretty cluttered." followed closely with, "Are you sure only 2 people live here? This mess kind of looks like the work of kids playing war with yarn bombs..." 

I'm not going to show you a picture of our living room. I would be embarrassed. But I will tell you, yes, it does look cluttered. Yes, only 2 people live here. And no, there was no yarn bomb war. 

It was just me. 

Making this:

I usually don't brag about the things I make. BUT. I think it's so stinkin'  cute!!! 
It's for my friend's baby shower. I'm making another blanket that is completely different for another friend's baby now. 

In order to make it though, first I wash all the yarn to: 1- keep it clean because stinky yarn is nasty. And 2- to make sure that the yarn is uber-soft for baby and mommy. Because really, who likes to cuddle using a scratchy blanket?? No one. That's who. And that's why our house looks like a yarn-bomb war zone. Because it involves re-wrapping yarn, washing it, soaking it, drying it and then wrapping it back up in a usable way .

I found the instructions Here. Instead of doing it with each finished work though, I've done it by skein. This way, the colors don't bleed onto each other. 

And it worked!! Now I hope they love it as much as I do! I'm so grateful to have friends that are having babies so that I can make cute things for them! Have a happy day!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer Storms

So about 5  minutes ago I was working on our finances. Calculating, grimacing, re-calculating and feeling satisfied. Until suddenly I smelled it. I sat up, and smelled it again! Rain.

It doesn't sound too exciting until you live in a desert. But believe me it is. Especially since last week our little town reached 120 degrees during the heat wave that we had. 120!!! That's gotta be beyond human melting or boiling point right? I'm pretty sure it is. 

Anyway, right now it's 80 degrees. It poured rain yesterday and now we have that fresh clean, rain smell floating through our house like a soothing balm, smoothing out the heat wave and helping me to remember just how much I love summer. Especially summer storms. How blessed we are to finally get the moisture we need here! And now, I have an excuse to curl up and watch an old movie. Because it's a rain day.... 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

She loves to create. He loves to Update. We love family. She loves exercising and eating healthy foods. He loves red meat and fixing things. She loves Indian Bollywood music. He loves Celtic.
She massages and re-does furniture.  He is I.T. and tinkers with projects.
She loves Sun. He likes the Snow.

She came home from school. In a whirlwind, almost perfect summer romance, we fell in love. He proposed. She said yes. Sparks flew. Literally. It was the 4th of July.
We got married. And stood outside to take pictures. In 111 degree sunlight.
 It was beautiful. And squinty.
Both of us finished school and worked. A  lot. 
Now he works full time, and she, part.

We love to watch movies, go on walks and pretend to play tennis professionally.
She makes lots of dinners and tries out new recipes. He eats them!
 We have good days. Sometimes we have not-so-easy days.
But we support each other through them. 

We love being together and laughing. And through it all, 
we trust God that everything turns out perfectly in the end.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Between Zones

First of all, I'm going to be re-vamping to look of our blog. So, if for the next few 
days/weeks/maybe month. It looks skewampus, that is why.

I don't know if skewampus is actually a word.
But I like it. 

Secondly, Glen and I are working on some BIG life changing things. I can't write about it yet, but I will as soon as I can put them all into words. 

Now, thirdly, here is where the real writing begins. 

Over the past 2 1/2 months I have begun facing things in my life that I have allowed to hold me/pull me/shove me back from doing the things I truly love and enjoy and want to do.

Do I like that I have allowed these insecurities, beliefs and thoughts to hold me back?
Am I doing something about it?

See Here:

Right now, I'm pretty sure I'm somewhere between the furthest Comfort Zone line and the vast black that is between the magic happening line. It's a scary place to be. But this time, I know where I'm headed.

It's not back to the comfort zone. 

And While overcoming my personal demons is scary, hard and thoroughly exhausting, The best part about it is that I feel peace. 

Because I'm doing what's true and what's right for me. And I know that I have Heavenly Father guiding each footstep and taking me each way I need to go. And that is wonderful.

Do you ever feel like that?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

There Are Things I Should Remember

I am so critical of myself sometimes. Which in turn creates this jealous little demon inside me that says, "look at her, she is so pretty/put together/funny/happy... etc. And then I have to turn around and figure out what I am in a non-critical way. Sometimes it's harder than others to do this.

Next time, I think I'll think of this instead. It's beautiful that humanity still sees the beauty of each other.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Hand Chi

This past Thursday I attended a Stake General Relief Society Meeting with some wonderful gals that I have met while living here in Mesquite. Diane Earl spoke. She is a remarkable woman that has been able to help numerous people by example and by teaching others how to live on the "happy side" of life.

Her purpose of speaking to us this night was based off of John 14:27, "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you; not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid."

She taught how when we focus on the happy and shine our own positive light into the world, we will realize more and more that our Heavenly Father is always there and willing to give us peace right when we need it.

Because it would take me so, so long to post about everything she said and because I myself am still processing it all, I'm going to share the very first thing she taught us that will immediately boost your mood.


Diane says, "This is very helpful for the heart.  It's great for energy and moving energy in all of the meridians and organs. I have found I can focus better and I do have more energy. I really appreciate this exercise..."

Do all of these very quickly.
Clap palms together 36 times
Clap sides of hands together (little finger side) 36 times
Clap other side of hands together (index finger side) 36 times
Clap the back of the hands together 36 times
Clap inside wrists together 36 times
Clap webs (between thumbs) together 36 times
Clap webs of fingers together 36 times
Clap tips of thumbs and fingers together 36 times
Massage center of each palm 36 times
Massage webs between thumbs 36 times
Massage each finger and thumb 5 times
Slightly pull each finger and thumbs.
Shake hands out.

There! Doesn't it feel great?
Would you believe me if I told you that Diane taught some people in the DMV line how to do this so their wait was more enjoyable? It's a true story. That's the kind of lady she is. 

Have a great day!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Things That Have Happened Lately

Welcome back to the life of G&T! Our first announcement is actually one that happened in February... and due to the fact that sometimes I am a slacker, I have yet to tell you. Ready?!?!?!

I'm not pregnant. 

HA!!! There's my April Fools-ing. :) 

But in real life it is pretty big news. We are now host parents to a Vietnamese teenager.
Her name is Eddie. We like her.

She's been living with us since February and it's been a blast! Lots and lots of cultural differences and learning experiences (and Korean boy bands) and fun. So I say it's been excellent! Although, I must say, that   jumping from just me and Hubby to parenting a 17-year old has been an extreme (and sometimes not easy) adjustment. But so far, I think we're doing ok. I mean, she still is breathing... so I say all signs point to good!

Here are snippets of what we have done so far:

We went to a super cute-ly decorated New Beginnings.
This is to introduce the girls just entering Young Womens into the Program. 
You can read more about Young Womens Here.

Picnic at the park! 

1- Eddie dyed her hair blonde during Spring Break.
2- We did the "tourist" thing in Mesquite, NV. The art gallery and museums are cool!

Eddie dyed Easter Eggs for the very first time with a bunch of my friends and their kids!! 
The little girl in the mask is one of cutest 3 year olds you've ever met.
I decided that these shoes are my new running shoes goal.
I heart them.

1- We went 4-wheeling all over by Glen's parents house. But i don't have a picture of that.
2- So this is one where Eddie is experiencing an  outdoor swing for the first time.

And the mattress swing.

So then we all went to a concert honoring the susquecentennial of the Civil War.
It was Amazing. My cousin is performing in the very back row on the French Horn.
Shout out to Bree in the Utah Youth Symphony Orchestra!

And because it's the same orchestra, it reminded me of this video:


And then I found a cute quote on my mother-in-law's fridge.

And then yesterday, I decided that our dining room needed to reflect the Hall family better.
So it changed from this:

To This:

**Please excuse the spotty bananas, I'm making ice cream with them today using this recipe.**

And that is, in a very small nutshell, what has been happening lately.

Now, just because he has not been shown in any of these pictures, mostly because he works and provides for our lovely family while Eddie and I explore Mesquite, Glen has been very actively involved in lots of activities and time with our little unit. Including teaching Eddie to play tennis.

Here's to you! I love you !

Now for the rest of the weekend,we get to watch and listen to uplifting, soul- healing, peace-bringing, happy words of wisdom from the most inspired men and women of our church. Check it out here. You'll love it too :)